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Wisdom Teeth: Why Do We Have Them?

Wisdom teeth - Campus dentist

Most adults develop their third and final set of molars between the ages of 17 and 21. These molars are more commonly referred to as wisdom teeth and are in the back of your mouth.

Wisdom teeth were once necessary because they were essential for the human diet, which consisted of leaves, meat, and nuts. In today’s world, these teeth are no longer required because of modern cooking methods, which soften the food, and we are then able to cut it using our utensils. Humans have evolved, and the reality is that we no longer need these teeth, but most adults will develop these molars despite the fact that they are unnecessary.

Wisdom teeth can be visible or can remain under your gums, and regardless of whether or not they erupt through your gums, these teeth can lead to oral health problems. Wisdom teeth that do not erupt through the gums are ‘impacted’ and can sometimes cause more serious problems, so it is important that you see a dentist so that these teeth can be assessed. The human jaw has gotten smaller over time, and our diet and dental needs have changed quite a bit as well. Our mouths cannot accommodate all the teeth we are supposed to have because there just is not enough room, and wisdom teeth emerge later on in life when the jaw is already done growing. This means there is little to no room for them, and problems occur because they simply do not fit.

Crooked teeth, crowded teeth, jaw pain and tooth decay are just some of the problems associated with wisdom teeth, so it is very important that they are assessed for removal. Wisdom teeth often grow in sideways and can also cause cysts under the gums, so this is something that needs to be addressed. If these issues are apparent, their removal will be necessary, and your dentist will discuss this matter with you right away. It is recommended that you have your wisdom teeth removed at a young age because young adults generally heal better from surgery because the roots and bone have not fully formed. For this reason, young adults should be evaluated by their dentist so that wisdom teeth removal surgery can be considered.

Your dentist will discuss the advantages of having your wisdom teeth removed, so you will be aware of every detail surrounding the surgery and will be informed of any risks. It is also possible that your dentist recommends wisdom teeth removal before any orthodontic work because these teeth can impact your jaw and teeth negatively if they erupt later, which would undo the results your braces accomplished.

If you want more information regarding wisdom teeth removal, Campus Dentist can assist you! Whether you need an emergency dentist or are looking to improve your smile, we are here to assist you with your dental needs, so if you are in the Hamilton, Guelph, or Waterloo areas, give us a call today!

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