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Amalgam Fillings

One of the materials used in dental filling is amalgam. Amalgam fillings are used to restore a tooth that has been damaged with decay. 

This type of filling is also known as silver fillings because of its colour. However, it isn’t the proper medical terminology because it misleads the fundamental composition of the material. An amalgam filling is composed of metals including alloy, mercury, tin, and copper. This composition allows the materials to bind together and makes an effective filling. 

Although amalgam has mercury content, it is considerably low and hardly has any adverse effects on the patient. It is suitable for patients from age six and above. 

Reasons why you should choose amalgam fillings:

  • Compared to the other filling options, amalgam filling is the least expensive. 
  • Other filling procedures require the patient to visit the dentist more than once. With amalgam filling, you will only see your dentist once.
  • Since it’s a material made of metal, it is pretty durable and appropriate for molar repairs since the forces at the back are greater than the front teeth. 

Your dentist in Hamilton will help you decide if this dental treatment can help restore your healthy teeth.

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