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Hypnodontics, or the use of hypnosis, is a great drug-free alternative to sedation that helps create a state of calm and relaxation.

Dr. Weaver, a registered Psychologist Clinical Hypnotherapist next door, uses hypnosis to help patients with dental anxieties or phobia to feel relaxed and in control. This is preferable for patients who are not comfortable taking nitrous oxide or medication to help them relax. 

With hypnodontics, patients sit comfortably while they listen to their dentist’s instructions like verbal suggestions and breathing techniques. In a few minutes, the patient will be under a hypnotic state which helps them be calmer and ready for the procedure. According to hypnosis practitioners, patients who have undergone hypnosis experience less bleeding and a faster recovery period. 

To give more in-depth information, there are types of hypnosis — deep and light. Deep hypnosis is rarely practiced in dentistry because it is harder to achieve. Light hypnosis is more suitable for dental patients with dental anxieties. Furthermore, the benefit also goes to the dentist because it can help perform a smooth and quick operation. 

If you, a friend, or family member could benefit from using our service, we would be honoured to provide a free hypnodontics consultation.

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