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Metal-free crowns (ceramic crowns)

When the natural structure of a tooth is extensively damaged or compromised due to dental decay, damaged fillings, root canals, or chronic clenching or grinding of the teeth, a dental filling may not be adequate for its repair. In such cases, dental crowns, also commonly referred to as caps, can be placed to effectively restore the natural integrity, function and appearance of the affected tooth.

Out of all of the available materials today for this type of full coverage restoration, metal-free crowns, also known as all ceramic crowns, offer the most natural and biocompatible results. Strong and durable, ceramic crowns are lighter in weight than dental caps that incorporate a metal substructure and are also kinder to the surrounding soft tissues. Furthermore, ceramic crowns present no problems for individuals with sensitivities to various metals. Since they are fabricated to the highest grade of dental ceramics, ceramic crowns most closely approximate the natural translucency of your teeth.

Custom made for the optimal health and aesthetic of a patient’s smile, and we can also recommend the ceramic crowns in Guelph for various dental treatments, including the following.

  • The cosmetic restoration of discoloured teeth
  • Coverage of a structurally damaged tooth
  • Dental implant
  • As the supporting ends of a dental bridge.
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