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Dental Fillings

Dental fillings in Hamilton are the most common type of dental restoration used to replace sections of missing, damaged or decayed teeth. While traditional dental materials like gold, amalgam, porcelain, and composite successfully restore teeth, recent advances in dental technology have made a more expansive and improved selection of restorative choices available. Some of the newest state-of-the-art filling materials, including ceramic and the latest composite materials, are not only strong and durable but also offer the most aesthetically pleasing and natural-looking results. 

The dental filling procedure is simple, but the patient will still need an anesthetic, especially if it involves a decayed tooth. Once the patient is set, the dentist will remove the decay using a dental drill or laser. When the decay is already cleared, the dentist will apply the filling on the prepared tooth. The application is by layer, so every layer of filling is cured first, then another layer is applied. After the layering is complete, your dentist will polish your filling and make sure it matches the rest of your tooth structure.  

Most types of dental fillings can last long. Even a tooth-coloured dental filling that doesn’t have any metal component is still quite durable. You need to perform consistent oral hygiene and see your dentist regularly to make your filling last for your years.

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