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Five Easy Cleaning Tips For Your Snore Guards In Guelph

Get rid of snoring with snore guards in guelph

No one likes to snore. When you snore, it means you are not getting enough air at night. Thus, it makes it hard for anyone to have a sound sleep. Perhaps you are asking yourself how to stop snoring. Using snore guards in Guelph will resolve your sleeping problem. 

When you have finally decided to get mouthguards for snoring, it is vital to take care of them. Since you will use them daily, they are prone to wearing and tearing. In addition, bacteria linger long on unclean mouthpieces.

How to clean your snore guards

To help you make your mouthpiece last longer, here are five easy cleaning tips you can do:

  1. Use baking soda and water in cleaning.

Aside from cleaning your mouthguard with toothpaste, you can mix baking soda and water to form a paste. Let it rest for three minutes after brushing the paste onto your device. After three minutes, rinse your device under cold water. 

  1. After wearing, rinse immediately. 

Make it a habit to rinse your anti-snoring device. Rinse in warm water to remove any debris or plaque on the surface. In addition, rinsing with warm water kills the bacteria around your device. 

  1. Dry your snore guard entirely after washing. 

You don’t want bacteria to grow on your mouthguards. Before storing them, make sure to dry them completely. Dry the device for thirty minutes with a clean cloth on a flat surface. 

  1. Always store your dental device in its case.

The nightguards should not be left out in the open since dust and particles can accumulate on them. Keeping them in their protective cases will extend their lifespan and keep them safe. Furthermore, you won’t lose them.  Additionally, it is vital to keep the case clean. To remove dirt from the mouthguard case, you can use dishwashing detergent. 

  1. Once a week, deep clean your snore guard device.

There are now readily available denture cleaners that you can purchase. Read the instructions carefully on how to use it. Make sure to talk to your dentist about the compatibility of the cleanser with your custom-made mouth guard. 

Cleaning snore guards is an important step you need to take if you want them to last. To ensure that your sleeping devices are correctly cared for, you should visit your dentist in Guelph.


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