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Root Decay In Guelph: Five Foods And Drinks To Avoid

Avoid These Foods to Keep Your Smile

Ever wonder why root decay in Guelph is a common problem? The availability of a wide variety of food and drinks makes it easy for people to forget that not everything is suitable for their teeth. If you are clueless, here are root decay symptoms you can take note of:

  • Difficulty in chewing

  • Toothache that has been lingering for a long time

  • Swelling in the affected tooth area

Root decay causes

To avoid this kind of dental problem, knowing what foods can trigger root decay is very important. Bacteria can grow in your mouth if you eat these foods, increasing the risk for tooth decay problems. The following are foods and drinks you should avoid to keep your teeth healthy:

  1. Sweets and Candies

Do you like eating candies, lollipops, and gummies? Unfortunately, these foods will cause damage to your teeth. As a result of the sugar present in these foods, cavities are likely to develop. If you cannot refrain from eating candies, you should make sure to brush your teeth thoroughly to remove any sugar residue.

  1.  Carbonated drinks such as soda

Sodas contain acids and sugar, which can damage your teeth and can lead to dental cavities. Make water your beverage of choice rather than soft drinks. You may want to avoid brushing your teeth right after drinking soft drinks as the acids in them may soften your teeth. 

  1. Chips

Eating chips can be satisfying. Chips, however, contain starch, which later turns into sugar. Too much consumption of chips will double the chance of acquiring plaque. After eating these chips, be sure to floss to remove any particles that may get stuck in your teeth. 

  1. Dried fruits

Although dried fruits such as mangoes and raisins taste good, they are high in sugar which isn’t good for your teeth. Moreover, they have a gummy-like texture that can stay in your teeth. If you have eaten dried fruits, brush and floss your teeth. 

  1. Citrus Fruits

Fruits such as lemons, oranges and grapefruits are beneficial for our bodies. Due to their acid content, these fruits can cause your teeth to erode, which leads to decay. Remember to consume these fruits in moderation and then gargle water after eating.

It is crucial to understand how these foods can harm your teeth. Almost all of these foods contain sugar or acid, which is terrible for your teeth. To maintain good dental health and prevent decay, schedule an appointment with your dentist in Guelph.  


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